Why Phi Tau

Ask people on the street what a fraternity is and what it is all about; you will get many answers with preconcived ideas and stereotypes. The truth is, there is much to be gained by joining an organization of this kind that people just don’t know about. It is our hope that after reading this you will have a better notion of what it means to be part of our fraternity, our heritage, and our traditions.

Everyone is unique with different backgrounds and ways of thinking which makes this experience special for anyone that becomes a member. Diversities are one of the foundations that make us strong. New ideas and fresh outlooks are a constant source of rejuvenation and inspiration. Even with all of the individualism’s we have common goals which binds us together even beyond graduation from college. This binding and sense of belonging is the beginning of what we call Brotherhood. It is the essence of the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity. Being in this fraternity builds character and helps in the development of leadership skills. These skills are nurtured and encouraged then passed on to newer members in developing their skills. In turn they will do the same adding their own ideals, thus we become that much stronger.

While obtaining a degree at OSU, the main reason we are all here, you will see that college has a lifestyle all its own. Embedded deep in this lifestyle you will find Phi Kappa Tau. By associating with our fraternity and then becoming a member all sorts of activities and opportunities, as well as scholarships, will be opened up to you.

Some of the thing the fraternity does on campus:

  • Intramural sports: flag football, basketball, and volleyball against other teams and fraternities.
  • Star Dust: an annual event in the Spring Semesters that we have as a formal.
  • Dancing on the Slopes: an annual event in the Fall Semesters. This is usually one of our big events.
  • Homecoming: We work with a sorrity to build a house deck and participate in the walk around Friday before homecoming football game.

These are just a few of the events we do as a house. We are also involved in “The Hole in the Wall Gang” camp which is a foundation created by one of our esteemed brothers, Paul Newman. The purpose is to help kids with chronic illness to have fun at camp. (Select the link above to read all about it on our National’s website.)

There is also an annual Golf Scramble that we put on locally to raise money for our chapter.

Many reasons can be found for joining a fraternity. Here are some you may not have known about:

  • Studies show that 76% of our nation’s senators, 71% of the men listed in Who’s Who in America, and 85% of the Fortune 500 executives are fraternity members.
  • Of the nations 50 largest corporations, fraternity members head 43.
  • All but two U.S. Presidents since 1825 have been fraternity men, and 63% of the U.S. President’s cabinet members since 1900 have been Greek.
  • 85% of the U.S. Supreme Court justices since 1920 have been Greek.
  • A U.S. government study shows that 71% of fraternity and sorority members persist to graduation, while just over 50% of all non-Greeks graduate.

Let’s take a moment to summarize briefly what has been stated so far:

What are we all about?

  • Phi Kappa Tau is about distinction and pride but above all loyalty, trust and brotherhood. We take great honor and credit in our ideals and keep strong the spirit of our youth through college life.

What can we do for you?

  • Phi Kappa Tau can help you grow as a leader through the help of other men like you. Phi Kappa Tau offers scholarships and with over 80 chapters throughout the U.S. We offer strong ties nationally, which can create opportunities for a career after college.

If this sounds like something you would like to get involved with, or if you have questions you would like answered, or perhaps you would like to just hang out, why not stop by our lounge and meet with our members. The lounge is located at the far end of the Pesagi dorms where the red doors are. We hope to see you there.

Bellow are a few or the things we learn and live by in the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity. We set our standards high which separates us from other organizations. When these ideals are applied we stand out and get noticed.

“To champion a lifelong commitment to brotherhood, learning, ethical leadership and exemplary character.”

The purposes for which the Fraternity is organized are:

  • To instill the fundamentals of wholesome living and vigorous thinking, To provide energetic participation in all collegiate activities; scholastic, social, athletic, and forensic;
  • To provide opportunities for close association with individuals of diverse backgrounds and personalities thus advancing human relation skills;
  • To offer undergraduate members experiences in management of their living environment as valuable preparation for post fraternal life;
  • To bind chapters into a National Fraternity so that a synergistic integration is formed;
  • To be supportive of and cooperative with the goals of the educational institutions where chapters of Phi Kappa Tau are located.

Objectives of PHI KAPPA TAU

  • To develop and maintain membership programs which compliment the mission of universities and colleges where chapters are located.
  • To assist new students in their orientation to the demands of higher education.
  • To furnish a living and learning experience in a democratic setting.
  • To expose members to the importance of social awareness and to assist them in learning proper conduct in everyday situations.
  • To provide an opportunity for men to live, work, and think with other men toward worthwhile pursuits.
  • To keep open the lines of communication between undergraduates and alumni members.
  • To encourage the “total man” concept, encompassing spiritual, mental and physical well-being through fellowship.

The Creed of Phi Kappa Tau

Phi Kappa Tau, by admitting me to membership has conferred upon me a mark of distinction in which I take just pride. I believe in the spirit of brotherhood for which it stands. I shall strive to attain its ideals, and by so doing to bring to it honor and credit. I shall be loyal to my college and my chapter and shall keep strong my ties to them that I may ever retain the spirit of youth. I shall be a good and loyal citizen. I shall try always to discharge the obligation to others which arises from the fact that I am a fraternity man.

Roland Maxwell, November 19, 1950


  • Thinks “we” and not “I”.
  • Should be able to listen as well as talk to anyone in the Fraternity.
  • Should be able to give of himself without expecting something in return.
  • Is someone who always has a smile and a positive comment for a brother.
  • Can, at times, put his brothers’ needs before his own.
  • Has great pride and respect in this family of men and what it stands for.
  • Can laugh, talk and cry with a brother as a true part of that person.
  • Has peace of mind and attempts to convey it to others.
  • Is someone who tries to make another person’s life a little easier each day.
  • Is a unique individual, yet contains the ideals of our brotherhood within that individuality.
  • Doesn’t have to be asked to do something because he’s already done it or volunteered to do it.
  • Enlightens and guides the brotherhood spiritually and morally.
  • Looks to the past, present and future of the Fraternity.
  • Is looked up to for strength by other brothers and sets a good example.
  • May be called a catalyst.