Timeline of Phi Kappa Tau


Dwight I. Douglass, Miami ’06

March 17 – Founding of Non-Fraternity Association at Miami University William H. Shideler Taylor A. Borradaile Dwight I. Douglass Clinton D. Boyd
The Coat-of-Arms and Badge of the Phrenecon Association.

March 6 – Name Changes to Phrenocon

March 9 – Miami withdraws from National Phrenocon and adopts Phi Kappa Tau as name December 21 – National Phrenocon adopts name Phi Kappa Tau Miami returns as Alpha Chapter


The Coat -of-Arms

The United States enters WWI; More than 250 Phi Taus perish in service to their country; WWI ends

October 29- ÒBlack ThursdayÓ -The Great Depression Begins

Phi Kappa Tau becomes second National Fraternity to build a National Headquarters
Roland P. Maxwell, USC ’22

Phi Kappa Tau has two chapters close due to the effects of Great Depression (Delta and Iota)
Roland Maxwell is elected national president

Roland P. Maxwell, USC '22

Roland P. Maxwell, USC ’22

National Constitution is adopted which limits membership on basis of race Constitution establishes governing structure of National Fraternity still used today

Badge of the Phrenecon Association.

Badge of the Phrenecon Association.

Founder Douglass dies

December 7, ÒA day that will live in infamy;Ó The United States enters WWII

Roughly 500 Phi Taus called into service

September 2-End of WWII, 8,000 Phi Taus had served proudly for the war effort

Memorial Service held at Lake Wawasee, Indiana ÒVictory ConventionÓ for 151 members ofPhi Kappa Tau who died during the war
Rapid Expansion, thanks in part to the G.I. Bill, takes place in the aftermath of the warÉ12 colonies established across the nation

30th National Convention, Excelsior Springs, Missouri Language is adopted removing racial membership restrictions from the constitution

Clinton D. Boyd, Miami '06

Clinton D. Boyd, Miami ’06

November 19-Roland Maxwell writes the Creed of Phi Kappa Tau

Clinton D. Boyd, Miami ’06
Founder Boyd dies

First African-American initiated as a member of Phi Kappa Tau Fred Hall, a Phi Tau from U.S.C., is elected governor of Kansas

Brown vs. Board of Education decided

50th Anniversary of Phi Kappa Tau FraternityÑGolden Jubilee
Total Assets: $328,936
Endowment Contributions: $20,054.02
Laurel Endowment Fund: $220,498.98
Total Number of Initiates: 22,705 men
Total Number of Charters: 71

William H. Shideler, Miami ’06
Founder Shideler dies

William H. Shideler, Miami '06

William H. Shideler, Miami ’06

National President Maxwell retires from office to become the first Phi Tau Chairman of the NIC

First member of Phi Kappa Tau dies in Vietnam ÒConflictÓ

1,724 members initiated into Phi Kappa Tau

March 23Ñ100th chapter of Phi Kappa Tau chartered – Delta Delta, Bryant College

The term Òassociate memberÓ is introduced at National Convention
Kent State UniversityÑfour students shot during riotÉone, Jeff Miller, had been associated at the Alpha Alpha Chapter of Phi Kappa Tau (Michigan State)

977 men initiated Ð symbolizing the drastic decline in men joining fraternities during the turbulent 70s
Taylor A. Borradaile, Miami ’06

Founder Borradaile, the last living founder, dies at age 92

Taylor A. Borradaile, Miami '06

Taylor A. Borradaile, Miami ’06

ÒNational LampoonÕs Animal HouseÓ released

Eileen Stevens speaks at National Convention concerning the death of her son, Chuck Stenzel, due to a hazing incident at a local fraternity at Alfred UniversityÑPhi Kappa Tau was the first national frater- nity to invite her to speak

200-person increase in total initiates into Phi Kappa Tau, first increase in ten years
Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of Phi Kappa TauÑDiamond Jubilee
Phi Tau Circle Memorial dedicated at Miami University

Ewing T. Boles, Centre '14

Ewing T. Boles, Centre ’14

Ewing T. Boles, Centre ’14
DecemberÑEwing T. Boles issues the ÒBoles ChallengeÓ stating that he will match any gift to the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation up to $1,000,000 BolesÕ gift was the largest ever made to a fraternity foundation up to that time 1984 November
Mitch McConnell (Louisville, Ô61) wins election to U.S. Senate
Dec. 31ÑThe ÒDecision for Phi Kappa TauÓ ends raising $3,230,000 Ewing T. Boles receives NIC gold medal.

Jack Anson receives NIC gold medal

First Phi Kappa Tau Leadership Academy at Miami University
First risk management policies introduced

George Voinovich (Ohio Ô56) elected governor of Ohio
The first Phi Tau Coat of Arms adopted at the 1917 Convention and the Coat of Arms used today adopted at the 1947 convention.

TEAM Discovery begins
Ewing T. Boles passed away

The first Phi Tau Coat of Arms adopted at the 1917 Convention and the Coat of Arms used today adopted at the 1947 convention.

The first Phi Tau Coat of Arms adopted at the 1917 Convention and the Coat of Arms used today adopted at the 1947 convention.

Ewing T. Boles bequeaths announced $3.7 million to the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation

Astronaut Leroy Chiao (UC-Berkeley Ô79) becomes first Phi Tau to walk in space

Phi Kappa Tau adopts Hole in the Wall Gang Camps as its National Philanthropy at 52nd Biennial Convention

The Fraternity and Foundation move to a new headquarters building

Bill Jenkins, EVP/Centennial Coordinator, NIC President
Bill Jenkins election as NIC president
Bill Jenkins wins the AFA Jack Anson Award

Bill Jenkins, EVP/Centennial Coordinator, NIC President

Bill Jenkins, EVP/Centennial Coordinator, NIC President

Beginning of Officers Institute
July 1- Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity and Foundation consolidate
Sept 11- Terrorism strikes a major blow to the US. (Two Phi Taus perish in the attacks)

Phi Kappa Tau will celebrate its Centennial