If the Alumni want to plan a reunion, please contact the and watch for details on our Facebook Page & Alumni Group Page.

Alumni Golf Tournament

We hold an annual golf tournament, please look for email notice and facebook post on time and date.

Spring 2021

Looking forward to the next semester and all the events to come. Please like our Facebook page and keep up with our events


Please consider making a donation through 1 of the 3 systems we have set up. Links for all 3 are posted on the home page.


COVID Restrictions


COVID Restrictions

Housing Corporation

Improvements continue, alumni donations are always welcome. We have 3 ways to donate, each are list on the web site home page.

BOG Meeting

The BOG & HC meet the Sunday before the start of each semester (August & January) at the Fraternity House from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm, also prior to the meeting the Alumni meet for lunch (location is emailed out on the list server a few weeks before the meeting)